We Are What We Make: How Made in Brunel Shapes Designers for the Future

Written by Gulraiz Hassan

February 12, 2024

What makes Made in Brunel so special? How does it help students become not only great designers, but also successful professionals? In this blog post, we will explore some of the benefits and highlights of being part of this amazing programme.

If you are passionate about design and innovation, you might have heard of Made in Brunel, a student-led initiative that showcases the best of Brunel University London’s design talent.

For 18 years, Made in Brunel has been connecting students with industry partners, giving them the opportunity to work on real-world projects and develop their skills and portfolios.

Learn Design Theory and Creation

Made in Brunel is not just about showcasing final products. It is also about sharing the process and journey behind each design project. Students learn design theory and creation from their lecturers and peers, as well as from external experts and mentors who offer feedback and guidance along the way.

Students can choose from a variety of design disciplines, such as product design, industrial design, digital media design, user experience design, service design and more. They can also collaborate with students from other courses and faculties to create interdisciplinary solutions for complex problems.


Learn the Commercial Side through Working with Industry

One of the key features of Made in Brunel is that it bridges the gap between academia and industry. Students get to work with real clients on real briefs, applying their knowledge and creativity to meet their needs and expectations.

Some of the industry partners that have worked with Made in Brunel include Dyson, Lego, Samsung, Unilever, and many more. These collaborations not only provide students with valuable experience and exposure, but also help them build their network and reputation for future opportunities.

Showcase Your Work to a Wide Audience

Made in Brunel culminates in an annual showcase event where students present their work to a wide audience of industry professionals, academics, media representatives, and public visitors. The event is a chance for students to celebrate their achievements, receive recognition for their efforts, and connect with potential employers or collaborators.

The showcase event is also a platform for students to share their insights and perspectives on various topics related to design through TEDx-style talks. These talks are inspiring examples of how design can make a positive impact on society, culture, and the environment.

Join a Community of Creative Minds

Made in Brunel is more than just a programme. It is also a community of creative minds who share a common passion for design. By joining Made in Brunel, students become part of a network of alumni who have gone on to pursue successful careers in various fields such as engineering, entrepreneurship, education, and more.

Being part of this community means having access to support, advice, and opportunities from fellow designers who have been through similar challenges and experiences. It also means having fun along the way by participating in social events such as workshops, hackathons, and parties.


Made in Brunel is a unique initiative that shapes designers for the future by providing them with truly unique learning experiences. Through Made in Brunel, students learn not only how to make things but also how to make things happen.

If you are interested in joining or collaborating with Made in Brunel please visit our website https://www.madeinbrunel.com/ or follow us on social media @madeinbruneldesign.

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