Aphra Hallam
Industrial Design & Technology BA
Cutting Edge
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Project Description

The Zera Cooling Crescent, alongside the Zera app, provides a discreet way to combat menopausal hot flushes, helping to empower women and reduce the stigma of aging whilst being sensitive to the racial disparities in reproductive aging. 73% of women do not treat their menopause symptoms. This can be attributed to a lack of discussion and education surrounding the menopause, as well as a limited number of available discreet and non-invasive solutions. Additionally, the menopause disproportionally affects Black women who experience symptoms for much longer. Menopause research does not consider the racial disparities in reproductive aging, risking the culturally insensitive production of products and symptom solutions. When activated via the Zera app, which also provides additional support and tracking for menopause symptoms, the Zera Cooling Crescent produces a cooling sensation which targets the blood vessels in the back of the neck, with close proximity to the end of the brain stem allowing your body to cool down much quicker. The Cooling Crescent comes in a range of skin tones, with a mission to include additional darker skin tones which are not always represented in the colour choice of products.