Jamie Jones-Blackett
Industrial Design & Technology BA
Cutting Edge
Wearable Crypto Hardware Wallet
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Project Description

Sentinel is a self-sufficient wearable cryptocurrency hardware wallet designed to be usable day-to-day for both online and in-store payments, while storing user’s digital assets securely offline. Cryptocurrency is the fastest adopted technology in human history, with acceptance for payments online and in-store expanding every day. Users store digital assets in a wallet, with more than 95% of users choosing to store their assets within exchanges or software wallets, where user’s assets are vulnerable to exchange bankruptcies or software wallet hacks due to them being online, with $3.9 billion of assets lost in 2022. Alternatively, users can use hardware wallets which store digital assets offline on a dedicated device, however these take much longer to make payments with, while being impractical and inconvenient to use in an in-store environment. Sentinel integrates a hardware wallet and smartwatch each with their own processors, with the connection between them controlled by a mechanical switch, while the display seamlessly switches between them. This makes Sentinel twice as fast as current hardware wallets, while being easier to use and more convenient for day-to-day use.