Jaimin Bhavsar
Industrial Design & Technology BA
Cutting Edge
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Project Description

The Scootum is a detachable e-scooter shield designed to increase user visibility and better communicate the rider’s intentions to other road users, minimizing misunderstanding and averting accidents caused by failure to see the rider. E-scooters have increased in popularity, and the House of Commons Transport Committee has urged for the legalization of private e-scooter usage on public highways. However, rental programs have identified certain concerns with the usage of E-Scooters, revealing 80% of incidents involve other cars, with 50% occurring at night, between 10 pm and 6 am. E-scooter users are hard to see due to their sleek design and lack of surface area; riders are also unable to signal with one hand like a cyclist can, due to smaller wheels being unstable. The product is easy to install and remove and can be put on multiple devices. The light reflective body features a customizable dot matrix display, perimeter lights, and a horn, to clearly visualize and indicate to other road users, from behind and in front of the e-scooter user. The design also has a mount and charging pass through for phones or a camera to be installed and charged.