Joshua Cotton
Product Design Engineering BSc
Cutting Edge
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Project Description

An intuitive chain tensioning tool for fixed gear bicycles. The current climate crisis and increased cost of living have driven a high demand for cost-effective, sustainable travel, leading to a surge in cycling across the UK. Tensioning a single-speed bicycle’s chain is integral to its safety, efficiency, and longevity. However, the process requires multiple fiddly adjustments and often leaves users uncertain if they've done it properly, while also dirtying their hands and clothes. ProTension is a revolutionary tool that simplifies the frustrating process of tensioning a single-speed bicycle’s chain. The tool clips onto the chain and indicates its tension with intuitive red, orange, and green LEDs, allowing users to ensure their bicycle’s safety with one swift adjustment. ProTension marks the first step in a much-needed movement to make at-home cycle maintenance more accessible, promoting sustainable travel and reducing accidents caused by mechanical faults.