Xanthe Glover
Industrial Design & Technology BA
Cutting Edge
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Project Description

A sustainably designed product-service system that helps support families in London that experience food insecurity over the school holidays; it ensures that children receive their ‘5-a-day’ by providing nutritious fresh food through its convenient indoor hydroponic farming system. Food poverty is not just about the quantity of food available but also the quality of nutrients. Unfortunately, living costs have risen, and one-in-five Londoners are affected, with 210,000 emergency food packages distributed in April 2022 alone. This problem significantly impacts families, with 30% receiving free school meals for their children during term time. Currently, there is no national provision of free meals during school holidays for eligible children. Some local councils offer food vouchers as a temporary solution, but a permanent fix is needed. Introducing PATCH, a sustainable service that enables users to grow fresh vegetables at home through an automated hydroponic system. The product cultivates food throughout the school term, making it easily accessible for harvesting during school breaks. This government-funded service aims to encourage children to consume “5-a-day”, reduce food poverty, and promote healthy eating habits for the future generation, instilling a sense of pride and motivation.