Francesca Green
Industrial Design & Technology BA
Cutting Edge
Nurture Me
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Project Description

Nurture Me is focused on promoting wellness and positive recovery for post-caesarean women and their families. The Nurture Recovery is a device that prompts self-care activities to provide a steady and holistic recovery after a caesarean section. A caesarean section is a major abdominal surgery done to deliver a baby. This operation comes with a longer recovery period than vaginal birth does and causes many physical and emotional side-effects that can cause frustration and prevent a swift recovery. During the challenging postpartum period, maternal self-care is often neglected, and women find it difficult to prioritize their personal needs. Nurture Me prompts daily self-care activities that nudge women to take care of themselves which in turn makes the recovery process easier and less overwhelming. These activities include checking the wound for infection, going for a walk, drinking water, sleeping and more. It does this through a smart, wearable device that the user wears on their wrist which vibrates and displays an icon showing what activity needs to be completed. The reminders are controlled by a supporting app which contains information and support on parenting, caesarean recovery, and provides a community platform where parents can meet and discuss shared experiences.