Ibrahim Aziz
Product Design BSc
Cutting Edge
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Project Description

Dynamic smart lighting that adjusts to support your lifestyle. Lume supports a healthy routine by gradually dimming light levels according to your intended sleep time, triggering melatonin production in the brain getting you in a calm, relaxed state. The problem with existing lighting in homes is that it often lacks versatility and flexibility in terms of functionality, placement, and design. This limits the ability to create dynamic and personalized lighting solutions for different spaces and needs. Lume solves this problem by providing a customizable and scalable solution that allows users to easily adjust the placement, intensity, and direction of light to create their desired ambiance. Its modular design also enables users to add or remove modules to adapt to their changing needs and space, such as supporting healthy sleep routines. Lume uses standard LED bulbs, 3x cheaper and replaced half as often as smart bulbs, by manipulating their light output via the shutter mechanism. Lume can be controlled through a user-friendly App, providing convenient access to various lighting options and settings. Overall, Lume offers a solution to the limitations of existing lighting products, providing a versatile and dynamic lighting experience for users.