Ibrahim Cam
Industrial Design & Technology BA
Cutting Edge
Laser Lane
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Project Description

Cycling Safety: Form Your Own Lane In 2021, over 16,000 cycling casualties were reported on UK roads, highlighting a significant safety concern for cyclists. To address this issue, there is a pressing need to provide cyclists with the necessary infrastructure to feel more confident when using their bikes on public roads. Introducing the Laser Lane, a cutting-edge cycling product that offers a capacitive touch-activated indicator, front and rear lights, and a 1.5-meter laser line on both sides of the cyclist. This laser line indicates the space drivers should maintain when overtaking cyclists, enhancing visibility and improving communication with other road users. The Laser Lane increases visibility, improves communication with other road users, and enhances cyclist safety. Equipped with everything needed to ride confidently and securely on UK roads, the Laser Lane sets a new standard for cycling safety.