Thomas Ledsome
Product Design Engineering BSc
Cutting Edge
CORDALT -Achilles Injury Prevention
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Project Description

Cordalt looks to change the narrative of the Achilles product market, tackling prevention of overuse. It measures the factors that cause wear to develop, and distributes some of the forces that run through the tendon away from the tendon. The main cause of Achilles Tendon Ruptures is due to the overuse of the Achilles Tendon. Achilles Tendon injuries are common, difficult to determine, and often overlooked. Overuse stresses the Achilles and over a short time can lead to the development of micro and macro tears and a subsequential rupture. With a 12-month long recovery process and no certainty of returning to the same ability as before, the injury can be detrimental to people’s lives. - It is a common injury, with approximately 4,500 patients seeking medical help every year in the UK. (Boyd et al., 2015). - Nearly one third of athletes with this injury do not return to play. (Shirzadet al., 2010). For the Achilles, the main factors that cause overuse & wear are repetitive impacts when the heel strikes the ground, and quick changes in direction causing strain. The product measures these by utilising a gyroscope & accelerometer unit, as well as precisely placed FSR sensors.