Diaz DeSagurante
Industrial Design & Technology BA
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Project Description

The device aims to offer a user-friendly solution for individuals with mobility impairments who require aid in holding, transferring, and stirring liquids. It employs a rotating magnetic field to efficiently mix liquids in a container. To adequately prepare disabled students for science, engineering, and maths studies, early access to the power tools of the trade is essential. While network technology and standardized equipment can provide independence and self-development, these resources are frequently unavailable to pre-university students with disabilities. Science laboratories provide disabled individuals with the opportunity to explore and discover the world around them, which can be empowering and transformative. Such labs can be designed and equipped with specialized tools and equipment that can make science experiments accessible to people with disabilities. Because of this, an inclusive learning environment can be created, where disabled individuals can work alongside their able-bodied peers, and break down barriers and promote social integration.