George Adrian Socol
MSc Digital Design (3D Animation)
Xbox Controller – 3D Animation
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

This project presents a detailed 3D animation of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller, emphasizing state-of-the-art modeling, texturing, and animation techniques. The process began with precise 3D modeling in Maya, capturing the controller’s ergonomic design and intricate button configurations. Each element, from the sleek contours to the tactile grips, was carefully crafted to ensure accuracy and realism. Texturing was executed in Substance Painter, where materials were applied to reflect the controller's actual appearance, with special attention to achieving authentic surface textures, including the unique diamond grip on the handles and joysticks. The animation phase took place in Cinema 4D, where various dynamic scenes were created to spotlight the controller's design features, all choreographed with an accompanying soundtrack to enhance the visual impact. Lighting and camera angles were strategically chosen to showcase the controller’s detailed craftsmanship. The rendering process was carefully managed to maintain high visual quality across all scenes. The final compilation of the video in Premiere Pro integrated these elements, aligning the animations with the music to produce an engaging and polished presentation. This animation not only demonstrates technical precision and artistic flair, but also serves as a potential promotional tool, effectively showcasing the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller as a complex electronic device in a dynamic and visually striking way.