Andra Dauti
Integrated Product Design Msc
Roberts Turntable
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

This project entailed research and design of the Roberts’ turntable, incorporating visual DNA of one of their most known products, the Rambler. Market research on turntables revealed user challenges such as difficulty placing the stylus and tonearm precisely and forgetting to stop when it finishes playing the record, resulting in record scratches. As a solution to the matter, the turntable is fully automatic, offering a seamless record listening journey whilst multitasking. The turntable has excellent Bluetooth connectivity to easy speaker. It has a high end aesthetic of aluminium plinth with replicated Rambler grills and very few buttons, following minimalistic trends of interior design. The evoke the Rambler visual language, the two knobs are placed on top, the leather is attached to the front and back and Walnut wood sides have been integrated. The signature Roberts handle, with white stitching, has been added to the two of the turntable, adding the feature of portability. Available in the classic Rambler colours o Duck Egg, Pastel Cream, and Dusty Pink, an an updated Navy Blue to a Violet Blue, aligning with the trends of product colour palettes, and a Black option based on market research, ensuring compatibility with modern home aesthetics. In terms of sustainability, the turntable uses durable materials such as Aluminium and Walnut wood, to ensure a longer life span. Leather, known for its high greenhouse emission of its production has been replaced with a natural alternative, Mylo™, to maintain the visuals language of the brand while reducing the impact. Overall, this turntable offers a Roberts’ product where heritage meets modern convenience.