Zilang Guan
Integrate Product Design MSc
Roberts Rambler Turntable
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

The Robert brand has always been characterised by its classic British style, so while retaining the high quality of its turntable sound, it has tried to blend it with the Rambler style of the 1970s. Since the Rambler was still marketed during the Knobs and Dials Era, more mechanical knobs were added, allowing the user to rotate the turntable on and off or select the record size. A sliding fader was also added to allow the user to adjust the speed. The choice of shape was inspired by Dieter, a combination of simple but contrasting arcs and rectangles, along with subtle woodgrain accents enhance its classic British feel. At the same time, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials have been chosen to consider the sustainability of the product.