Heng Xu
Integrated Product Design MSc
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Project Description

Throughout the culture of care, the interests of all people deserve our attention. It is not only the cared-for who need care, but also carers who face many dilemmas, many of them are facing long-term health conditions or disabilities, they need our care as much as ever. Dementia, often suffered by the elderly, is one of the most feared diseases in the UK for the over 55s, and through real life interviews with people living with Alzheimer's disease (which accounts for 60% to 80% of dementia diagnoses), possible points of opportunity were summarized through their behaviours and feelings. The final focus was on reducing psychological stress for unpaid carers and at the same time fulfilling the need to look after the patients. When the caregiver and patient are remote, the instrument detects vibratory feedback from the armband data indicating that the patient is experiencing anxiety, and the caregiver presses a button to speak to calm the patient. When monitoring heart rate and blood pressure changes in a patient with Alzheimer's disease, if the patient is experiencing anxiety due to the absence of the caregiver, the fabric inflates internally to mimic the pressure touch of the caregiver's hand, giving the patient the tactile sensation of "placing a hand on the forearm" as used in haptic therapy, and plays the caregiver's voice. “LET THE LOVED ONE REMEMBER THEMSELVES TOO”