Poornima Subramanian
MA Design Strategy & Innovation
Design Dialogue: Bridging Gaps
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Project Description

In the realm of interior design, effective communication between clients and designers is essential for project success. However, despite its significance, communication breakdowns are common, leading to misunderstandings, delays, and dissatisfaction among relevant parties. The prevalent methods often fail to adequately address the diverse needs, preferences, and expectations of both clients and designers, resulting in inferior design outcomes and strained relationships. "Design Dialogue" seeks to address these communication challenges by proposing a framework to foster clearer and more collaborative communication between clients and designers in interior design projects. The framework aims to streamline communication processes, enhance client engagement, and promote mutual understanding throughout the design journey. The study delves into a comprehensive exploration of existing communication practices and challenges within the interior design industry. Additionally, analyzing the features and effectiveness of communication tools used in the industry helps identify existing gaps and points of potential improvement. Based on the findings, the paper will develop and test a communication framework involving clients and professionals. Ultimately, this research paper aims to contribute to the advancement of communication practices in interior design, benefiting both designers and their clients. By promoting clearer communication and mutual understanding, the framework has the potential to transform the design process, leading to more successful and satisfying outcomes for all stakeholders involved.