Rishita Deshmukh
MA Design Strategy and Innovation
Grocery E-commerce Platforms
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Project Description

In the wake of the pandemic, the e-commerce landscape has witnessed unprecedented growth, particularly in the realm of online grocery shopping. Despite this surge, Generation X consumers, born between 1965 and 1980, exhibit a lingering attachment to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. To address this, the research proposes an emotional design strategy tailored to enhance the customer experience on grocery e-commerce platforms specifically targeting Generation X in the UK. By leveraging emotional design principles, it aims to bridge the gap between traditional shopping preferences and the evolving digital retail landscape, ultimately fostering increased customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. With the exponential growth of the e-commerce market, online grocery shopping has emerged as a rapidly evolving sector in the UK. However, Generation X consumers remain less inclined towards online purchases, highlighting the need to prioritise convenience and emotional engagement to attract and retain this demographic on digital platforms. This research aims to address the unique needs and preferences of Generation X consumers. Studies underscore the significance of emotional design in shaping consumer perceptions and behaviours. By identifying key touchpoints and emotional drivers, the enhanced online shopping experience will ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. In conclusion, this research seeks to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on emotional design in e-commerce contexts, particularly in the realm of online grocery shopping.