Mary Cotoco
Integrated Product Design MSc
Revival Records
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

The specifications of the suitcase vinyl player were optimised to provide good sound quality and convenient user interactions at an affordable price. It features a 12-inch aluminium platter, two playable speeds (33 rpm & 45 rpm), and a built-in switchable pre-amp. To provide a flexible listening experience, the player comes with multiple audio output options, including RCA, USB, AUX, and Bluetooth. It is available in eight different colours that are reminiscent of the midcentury modern colour palette. The turntable was also designed with sustainability and accessibility in mind. The materials used were either renewably sourced or fully recyclable. So instead of PVC leather and MDF boards, both harmful to the environment, recycled leather was used as the main surface material while bamboo boards served as the base. To make it more accessible, a built-in lamp was attached to help users easily identify gaps in the vinyl record when selecting a song to play. The button and dial controls were coloured in gold to guide users to interact only with these parts and minimise mistakes.