Chaehyun Son
MA Design and Branding Strategy
Brand Management Strategies
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Project Description

This research project addresses the challenges that midlife Korean painters encounter in their pursuit of wider recognition within the global arts scene. It aims to provide comprehensive solutions by developing and implementing brand storytelling strategies specifically tailored to meet the needs of this artistic audience. Drawing insights from the success of K-pop and Korean cultural exports (Hallyu), the project aims to tailor the factors contributing to their success and apply them to a specific arts context. To achieve its primary goals, the project will undertake a multifaceted research approach; firstly, it will review brand storytelling strategies from contemporary midlife (45+) Korean artists and understand the challenges and opportunities that they encountered. This will involve developing a deeper understanding of artistic preferences of international audiences, including their current perceptions of Korean art and artists. Furthermore, the project aims to analyse the primary factors that contributed to the development of K-culture and apply them to an arts market. In addition, the project will examine contemporary Korean artists who have gained worldwide acclaim, such as Nam June Paik and Kim Tschang-yeul, to glean valuable lessons and insights that would be beneficial for emerging artists. Furthermore, the project proposes the development of a web and app-based management platform tailored to provide midlife painters support that includes brand development, storytelling, and social media engagement. It considers both the present and future development of the Korean arts industry, including emerging trends such as the NFT art market and virtual reality.