Ojus Jere
MA Design Strategy & Innovation
Biomimicry In Auto Design
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Project Description

The project delves into the realm of biomimicry, a discipline that I have found quite intriguing. The idea to draw inspiration from nature's ingenious & ever-evolving solutions to address design challenges is brilliant. Specifically, the project analyses the potential for integrating biomimicry concepts into the design process of esteemed Italian automotive design studios such as Bertone, Pininfarina & Italdesign. These Italian studios have a rich history of creating iconic designs, often pushing the boundaries of aesthetics, ergonomics & engineering. They have dealt with biomimicry a few times, but in today's evolving design world they can further enhance their design approach, incorporating nature's time-tested patterns, structures & design systems into their existing portfolio of services. My project intends to investigate how biomimicry influences several aspects of automotive design (such as aerodynamics, lightweight structures, energy efficiency & material selection) through the excellent know-how of these design houses. Biodiversity's optimised forms & efficient solutions can inspire innovative approaches to streamlining design. Additionally, the study will explore how these design houses could study biomimicry & potentially provide solutions with their creative hints. These hints could be nature's closed-loop systems & regenerative processes. Through case studies, literature review & interviews with designers, the ultimate aim is to showcase how these studios leverage biomimicry to redefine design & innovation.