Aaliya Khatri
Product Design BSc
The Smart Hijab
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

The Smart Hijab is crafted from advanced, high-quality materials that ensure durability and comfort for everyday use, maintaining its essential physical characteristics for long-lasting wear. At the heart of the project lies its innovative companion app, tailored specifically for South Asian women. This app serves as a dynamic social media platform, offering practical personal management tools such as health monitoring and location-based services and a thriving social hub. Here, users can forge connections, exchange cultural insights, and actively participate in discussions pertinent to their personal and cultural interests. Additionally, the app features privacy settings and customisable notifications to enhance user experience and engagement. The Smart Hijab project, through its wearable and app, aspires to empower its users by marrying traditional values with modern technological advancements, fostering community ties and enabling a lifestyle that values both heritage and innovation.