Najah Ahmed
Digital Design BSc
Kebu – Salon Booking app
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

Nearly every major high street has a hair salon, but the black community has a tougher difficulty locating one nearby that caters to Afro hair and can provide the services they need. Many have to spend a lot of time seeking for a place that can provide what they are looking for and they can trust with their hair. With Kebu, the app aims to close this gap and cater to the black community by creating a simple solution the user can create an account, browse the home screen, navigate the shop screens and easily book a hair appointment within the app. With a sleek interface, consistent layout and interactive display, the user is straightforwardly taken through the booking process and at the same time goes through a visually captivating experience. Kebu aims to cater to underrepresented communities its uniqueness lies in its rarity; as it's a concept and idea not seen elsewhere.