Cristian Lupu
Digital Design BSc
RideVue – Helmet Mounts
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

The RideVue project aims to enhance the motorcycle accessory industry through custom-designed helmet mounts for action cameras fitted to particular types of helmets. Thus, the 3D scanning of helmets in detail is a starting point for this project, followed by modelling the mounts using it as a guideline, further colour-matched following the helmet design or to the customer's personal taste. Critical to the project's success is attention to detail in design and testing, where each mount has to hold strongly in riding conditions. The mounts are manufactured with the utilization of 3D printing technology, which enables rapid prototyping and customization. That means the quality and durability of the product are exceptionally high; they suit the needs and wishes of every motorcycle enthusiast. A powerful visual identity and a straightforward tagline, "Snap. Ride. Record." encapsulated the ease and focus of the product, forming the bedrock of the RideVue branding. Marketing efforts include a series of dynamic photographs of the mounts that show their integration with the motorcycle helmet aesthetic and a series of merchandise to compensate and further promote the brand. This way, this comprehensive approach can ensure RideVue leads in innovation while making a deep connection with the target audience in their ride without any compromise on safety or style.