Daniel Soole
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

MedCue is a medication management device which aims to address the low levels of adherence currently found within the healthcare landscape. It has been estimated that 4.29% of hospital admissions are caused by, in some part, non-adherence to their medication. MedCue’s primary aim is to provide support and indications of medication dosages to those with complex and often longer-term medication plans. Its compact and portable design means the user can carry and use it discreetly throughout the day whilst staying confident in their health. Its time-based colour system illuminates the corresponding compartment to indicate to the user when they should try and take their medication. Providing visual cues reduces the cognitive load and stress for the user so they can focus on the more important things without jeopardising their health. Personalisation of the parameters to alert the user is enabled using the app to ensure everyone can find a style that works for them. Supporting content found within the MedCue app aims to improve the user’s health literacy through engaging education content tailored to the user’s specific language level. By using adjustable language, the user understands they can engage more effectively and are more likely to do so frequently. At the same time, the app provides clear data on the progress of their adherence, fostering a proactive healthcare journey.