Runan Zhou
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Flexible train seats
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

It is suitable to be equipped in the middle of some commuter train carriages, combined with traditional seats at the end sides,which making the interior space more flexible to use. Unlike traditional seats, the backrest of this seat has a sliding structure, allowing the seat to be in a forward, backward, and two-way position according to the user's needs. During peak passenger flow, seats in bidirectional state can effectively alleviate the shortage of seats during peak hours. During non peak hours, passengers can enjoy full-surface seating space on this seat, with the seat facing forward or backward according to their preferences. It also solves the problem where the number of seats facing forward and backward in some carriages does not meet the actual needs of passengers, and compared to the entire row of rotating seats in some trains, this operation is more convenient. When adjusting the backrest, users only need to rotate the knob to unlock the backrest. After sliding the backrest to the corresponding position, they can rotate the knob in the opposite direction again to fix the backrest again. which is easy for ordinary passengers to complete operations on their own without the guidance of the train conductor.