Diviya Ghai
Digital Design BSc
Advanced TfL System
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

My major project is dedicated to transforming the London Underground experience by incorporating advanced biometric technology, a facial recognition payment system and enhancing the existing TfL Go mobile application. The project’s centrepiece is the development of a high-fidelity prototype of the TfL Go app, which is redesigned to offer a more intuitive user interface and additional functionalities, including biometric access and sophisticated navigation tools. Furthermore, the project entails the design and implementation of innovative gate systems. These gates are visualised through detailed 3D models that illustrate how facial recognition technology can be seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure. This aspect of the project not only pushes the boundaries of current technological applications in public transport but also sets a benchmark for future innovations. To complement these technical advancements, a comprehensive promotional campaign is part of the project. This campaign aims to inform and engage London commuters about the enhancements, ensuring they are both aware and prepared for the upcoming changes. By improving communication, the campaign helps facilitate a smoother transition to these new systems. Overall, the project combines technological innovation with user-centred design, aiming to create a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly commuting experience. Through this integration of new technologies and strategic communication, the project seeks to significantly improve daily travel for millions of Londoners, reflecting a major leap forward in urban transportation solutions.