Yigit Akbiyik
Industrial Design and Technology BA
MySkin Diary by Stylpro
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Project Description

MySkin Diary by STYLPRO is a mobile app designed to revolutionise personal skincare routines. The app provides users with the tools to track and manage their skin health effectively. Key features include daily face scans, which allow users to monitor their skin's condition over time, and product tracking, where users can log the skincare products they use, reviewing their effectiveness and receiving suggestions for alternatives if needed. Users can set specific skincare goals within the app, such as improving hydration or reducing blemishes, and track their progress with visual updates. MySkin Diary enhances the user experience by offering direct access to skincare experts. These professionals provide personalised advice and answer queries, ensuring users have reliable guidance on their skincare journey. Additionally, the app includes a unique voucher rewarding system that incentivises users to maintain their skincare routines by offering discounts in the StylPro online store or partnering online retailers. This feature not only motivates consistent app usage but also makes skincare more affordable. The app is highly customisable, allowing users to adjust goals and features to suit their personal preferences. Whether it's setting goals or setting reminders for skincare tasks, MySkin Diary caters to individual needs, making it a versatile tool in everyday skincare management. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, MySkin Diary by STYLPRO stands out as a leading choice in comparison to existing alternatives for those looking to enhance their skincare practices.