Esteban Aranda
Product Design Engineering BSc
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

Research shows that it is common for university students to exhibit poor dietary habits, which can cause long-term health impacts. Despite a growing interest in cooking among young adults, with 72% of individuals aged 18-25 expressing a desire to learn how to cook, many are discouraged by the fear of failure. Additionally, it is becoming less common for previous generations, traditionally the main source of education, to transmit their cooking skills to young adults. Yum Yap is a product that helps users throughout the three stages of cooking. Before cooking the app allows students to generate and plan recipes using AI. They can personalize it to fit their schedule, allergies, or preferences. Additionally, the app inspires students by showing friends’ recipes or daily challenges (inspired in TV shows or movies). During cooking, users can place their phone in the physical device and connect it to the integrated speaker and screen via Bluetooth. Once a recipe is selected, students can interact with the AI cooking assistant using voice commands. They can follow the recipe, request quick modifications, or set timers that will be displayed on the additional screen. After cooking users can save their recipe and share it with friends.