Dairine Quinn
Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Bsc
The IneLu music video & brand
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

This project is about creating a brand for myself, around a piece of music I released on soundcloud back in May 2021 titled BEAR, created in Ableton live, which is my favourite piece of music I have created to date. I had an idea for an animated music video upon releasing it and decided it would be perfect to create it in this project, bringing my concept of a bear on a journey to life. I titled it BEAR after thinking that the beat resembled the sounds of a heavy footed animal, and released it under my artist name IneLu. As the track features happy, calm sounds, I thought that a colourful forest worked best, with a bright pink bear as pink is my favourite colour. I have left it up to the viewer's imagination on where the bear came from, and where it is going. To create a brand around it I designed a playful logo, T-shirts, merch posters, event posters and album cover art, which all feature imagery taken from the animation, such as clouds, stars, the sun, moon, flowers, and of course, the bear. I modelled and animated the animation in Maya and Mixamo, with some elements done in Cinema 4D, and designed the merchandise in Illusrator and Photoshop.