Zewei Meng
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Sport Earphone
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Project Description

With the current continuous development of technology, the majority of people who love sports have a growing demand for headphones for outdoor sports. As there are not many headphones suitable for sports on the market at present. Because it must be able to hear the surrounding environment, prevent falling off, and at the same time have high-quality sound quality. Therefore for these three main goals to break through. Sport Earphone utilizes an innovative bone-conduction style solution. By having them sit directly in front of the ear through an open design, keeping the ear open allows the user to be aware of ambient sounds such as traffic noise or approaching footsteps, thus increasing safety during outdoor activities such as running or cycling. The sound conduction process does not physically irritate the ear canal, but it produces a surprisingly clear and immersive audio experience. Benefit from its innovative directional sound transmission technology that optimizes sound quality, reduces sound leakage and ensures customers get rich sound.