Ben Roffey
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Marchbanks Measurement System
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

The Marchbanks Measurement System is a headset that aids in the process of identifying the severity of neck and head injuries such as sport related concussions. The ergonomically sound headset is coupled with pioneering technology that reduces the need for guess work and the use of arbitrary tests. The system provides quick and accurate data that allows clinicians to diagnose athletes’ concussions precisely. The headset is designed in such a way to be adaptable so it can still be used if other safety equipment is still needed such as the use of a neck brace. The headset also benefits the players recovery as it can ensure that the athlete’s inter-cranial pressure has returned to a safe level for them to return to play, bettering the overall health and welfare of athletes who play in high contact sports. The Measurement System allows for all types of teams, grass roots through to professional, with medically trained staff to reduce their patients’ costs in care and best meet individual athlete’s needs. I would like to thank Dr Robert Marchbanks for this opportunity he gave me to work closely with him. His technology is remarkable, and the passion he has for it is inspiring.