Molly Rock
Product Design BSc
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

The kitchen is the heart of any home therefore, ensuring your experience is as comfortable as possible is vital. With almost a quarter of the UK population living with a disability, the need to expand the market is extensive. Handleless kitchens are becoming increasingly popular within the industry across all ages, with the clean and sleek design being very desirable. With this style, users with dexterity issues can particularly struggle with opening said door, therefore Fuse is a discrete aid which can help this. The electromagnetic mechanism allows the user to have a comfortable, ergonomically designed handle to open their cupboards. A thermoplastic rubber grip is placed on the underside which can easily be removed and cleaned to keep the product as sanitary as possible. The retrofit design gives the option to add the system to an existing kitchen or use it as a future proofing method. The magnets can be switched on using a small switch and placed against the door causing a ‘fusion’ that can be broken by simply switching the handle off. With a choice of finishes, the handle can be subtly incorporated into any design, creating a discrete aid for dexterity issues.