Marcus Radosevic
Industrial Design and Technology BA
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Project Description

While there are many aerobic exercise tracking wearables, automatic tracking for free weight exercises is limited. Weightlifters must manually input their workout data, such as reps and sets, into an app. This tedious task makes tracking unattractive, leading to untracked or inaccurately remembered progress. Tracking weightlifting data is crucial for progress, as it allows weightlifters to reflect and adjust their routines. A study shows 36% of people used mobile health and fitness apps in 2022, highlighting their importance. Additionally, 78% of health-conscious consumers believe social community components in fitness apps make it easier to maintain healthy habits. AutoRep alleviates the pain of manual tracking by using EMG sensors to monitor muscle contractions, automatically detecting reps and sets. The app allows users to choose a progress plan which increases the weight once milestones are reached and the ability to schedule workouts for specific days. The visual data displayed in the app reduces cognitive load, making it easier for users to understand and act on their progress. The workout pages are designed with simplicity, featuring a carousel that shows the current exercise and allows swiping for detailed views on the current workout. Social features are implemented which allow users to share progress and download each other's workout plans, boosting motivation and fostering a supportive community. AutoRep combines advanced tracking with user-friendly features to enhance workout efficiency and encourage consistent, productive gym sessions.