Noorulameen Khan
Product Design Engineering BSc
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Project Description

Drawing from a deep love for nature and the teachings of the last messenger, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), who stated: “if anyone plants a tree or sows a field, and a human, bird, or animal eats from it, it shall be reckoned as charity from them.” The name 'NUR H2O' embodies combined dual significance: 'NUR' from 'Nurture,' representing care and growth, while also denoting 'celestial light' in Arabic. 'H2O' signifies the chemical formula for water, essential for life. Together, they underscore the fundamental elements supporting existence. NUR H2O redefines plant care as a catalyst for holistic wellbeing and inducing behavioural change in the digital age. Beyond aesthetics, it serves as a multi-sensory sanctuary, alleviating anxiety, stress, and promoting restful sleep. By nurturing indoor greenery, users cultivate habits that benefit both themselves and the planet, fostering a deeper connection with nature and paving the way for sustainable living. The design of NUR H2O is a creative fusion of biomimicry & emotive design. Its distinctive shape, reminiscent of a leaf poised on a water droplet, encapsulates the growing pod designed like a droplet—underscoring water as a fundamental element for life. Inside, the plant grows, mirroring our own indoor existence and offering a symbolic reflection of our constrained environments. This unique visual semiotics not only captures the eye but also establishes a deep connection with nature. The characterful twist promotes self-reflection and provides reassurance that, although we are often confined indoors, we are never truly alone but always part of the natural world...