Archie Smith
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

Traditional reminders often fail due to poor timing that disrupts or overwhelms users. Reminders disrupting users flow, can lead to immediate dismissal and subsequent forgetfulness, leading to a task never being completed. Okko uses ambient technology to ensure its reminders are only noticeable when users are capable of taking action, falling into the periphery when users are busy. This subtle positioning mitigates persistant or poorly aligned notifications, reducing the likelihood of task avoidance or stress from multiple reminders. Users communicate with Okko via text, which are received and processed by a GPT AI. This AI interprets user’s messages, to understand the context of the device, and best method and timing of notifications. By analysing historical interactions and user habits, Okko personalises reminders to be effective and minimally invasive. This interface allows for ease of communication and produces an intelligent responsive assistant that can adapt to each user uniquely. Okko’s design emphasises versatility and personalisation. The device fixes to surfaces magnetically and rotates as a form of reminding. The off-balance magnets allow Okko to swing when hung, and the display communicates the status of the device and nuances of notifications to users. A magnetic front face, and slots in the side allow for versatility and personalization through accessories, fitting anywhere in a user’s environment. Okko can be attached to a refrigerator, rest on a desk or hang from a plant, with various accessories enabling users to use the device as they need. This allows Okko to blend into different spaces, ensuring it serves users in their environment.