Henry Leeson
Industrial Design and Technology BA
TA Buddy
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

TA Buddy is designed to enhance inclusivity for ASD students in primary schools by addressing their unique sensory processing and focus challenges. Traditional educational resources often fall short for these students, who struggle with sensory integration and maintaining attention, potentially leading to academic and social disadvantages. TA Buddy integrates capacitive touch technology with responsive visual and vibrational feedback, making it easy for young children to engage with and understand during classroom activities. The main objectives are to improve focus, engagement, and sensory processing, fostering independence and enhancing academic performance. Expected outcomes include increased classroom participation and better sensory integration, helping ASD students manage their environment more effectively. The broader goal is to create a more inclusive educational setting where ASD students can thrive alongside their peers. The development process involved collaboration with educators and special education experts, with a planned phase of pilot testing in schools and iterative design enhancements based on stakeholder feedback. This approach ensures that TA Buddy meets real-world needs and effectively supports ASD students, aiming to transform learning experiences, promote better academic outcomes, and improve overall well-being through tailored educational support