Bora Sen
Product Design Engineering BSc
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

Custorim brings in a new era of customisation for car owners. It’s never been simpler or more flexible to modify the appearance of your car’s wheels than with our revolutionary interchangeable rim system. Custorim offers an innovative way to customise the look and enhance the performance of your car's wheels without having to make permanent adjustments. The use of high-quality Elektron 21 magnesium and 6061-T6 aluminium alloys ensures that the base rims are not only lightweight and durable but also cater to a wide range of automotive applications, from high-performance to everyday driving. Moreover, the Custorim system stands out for its sustainable approach, utilising recycled ABS plastic in the production of additional spokes, which can be easily attached to the base rim thanks to the modular attachment system. This system not only promotes environmental sustainability by preventing users from buying a new set of rims each time but also offers users the flexibility to update their rims’ appearance and functionality over time.Custorim’s foundational rim design is engineered for full performance independently, negating the necessity for additional spokes assembly. This ensures that additional spokes are free from structural stress, which allows a broader exploration of designs, including curvilinear, sharp edges, three-dimensional shapes, and asymmetric forms. The Custorim base rim is engineered and tested for forged manufacturing in both magnesium for performance-oriented vehicles and aluminium for a cost-efficient, everyday-use alternative, maintaining identical measurements across both materials, which makes them much lighter than their competitors.