Elisha Castanou
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Miroir – Bike Mirror
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

Imagine driving a car without mirrors. It's a terrifying thought, yet many cyclists navigate busy roads with nothing but a glance over their shoulder. This lack of rearward visibility poses a significant safety risk, and while some argue that looking back is sufficient, it can be cumbersome and compromise control, especially in high-traffic situations. Miroir solves this problem by being a bike mirror which is detachable, foldable, and adjustable. Detachable - Miroir prioritises a streamlined cycling experience. Its quick-release mechanism allows for easy attachment and removal, making it perfect for situations where a mirror might not be necessary. This also simplifies storage and transportation, ensuring Miroir doesn't become an additional burden. Foldable - compactness is another key aspect of Miroir's design. The mirror itself folds in half to minimise its footprint when not in use. Adjustable - A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for cyclists. Miroir tackles this by offering a fully adjustable design These features combine to create a cycling mirror that seamlessly integrates into a cyclist's routine. Unlike bulky alternatives, Miroir prioritises comfort and convenience, removing the common barriers that prevent cyclists from adopting rearview mirrors. By making it easy to use and store, Miroir encourages a safety-conscious approach to cycling without sacrificing the freedom and enjoyment of the ride.