Tori Grover
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

Elderly people face many different issues when attempting to perform conventional chest compressions that are required for CPR. However, most cardiac arrests victims are those over the age of 65+ who often would need to rely on their spouse to perform CPR on them at home. Key things that elderly people struggle with when attempting CPR is getting on to the ground, having the power to reach the correct compression depth, maintaining the correct compression speed and the stamina for prolonged chest compressions. Vita-B tackles all these problem areas. The most unique feature of this product is that it uses foot powered chest compressions, which allows compressions to be performed whilst the user can remain standing. Feet and legs have a lot more power than a person’s arms, allowing high quality chest compressions to be given with less effort from the user. In addition to this, once the device it turned on for compressions, the emergency services are immediately alerted. This means the user can begin chest compressions almost immediately. It has a secondary function, which encourages users to stay active with personalised exercises that use the physical product. These are accessed through an app that accompanies the product, where the household’s health data can be stored and viewed. Vita-B aims to empower the elderly community and not only increase the chance of survival for Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrests, but also educate users on Cardiac health and resuscitation.