Veda Shah
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

Over the last few months, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Zywpeit Solutions to design and create Alfie. But what is Alfie? Alfie is a bangle powered by artificial intelligence, designed to act as a personal virtual companion for dementia sufferers. Alfie would act in pro-active way rather than a reactive way, it would converse with dementia sufferers, play games with them, stimulate memories with them, guide them through their day. This would alleviate stress and anxiety in dementia sufferers as well as caregivers and loved ones, enabling sufferers to live a longer, happier and safe independent lifestyle. From a functionality and electronic perspective, Alfie is a health tech wearable for the vulnerable, therefore Alfie would need to contain proven technology that are commonly seen in your apple watches and fitbits, such as GPS tracking and automated communication with emergency services and guardians, alongside artificial intelligence. Moreover, Alfie needs to be waterproof, lightweight and cannot be taken of by the user, it must be worn 24/7. Even when they are sleeping, the product would be charged automatically without them knowing. Although Alfie is a health-tech wearable, it would need to be disguised as a piece of jewellery so that the user wouldn’t feel vulnerable or monitored as most patients do when wearing a health tech device. Alfie would be catered to sufferers of all stages of dementia, from early on-set dementia to late stage dementia whilst being designed for both genders. I was given the opportunity to create the physicality of Alfie, not the electronic or AI side of things, the actual bangle itself.