Maia Heath
Product Design Engineering BSc
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Project Description

Pelvic floor examinations are intimate assessments used to evaluate the strength and function of the pelvic floor muscles to diagnose and treat pelvic floor dysfunction. Conducted by Pelvic Health Physiotherapists, these procedures necessitate a keen understanding of not only technical examination skill and pathology recognition, but also clearly focusing upon patient consent and comfort. Currently, training for these intimate assessments internationally utilises a technique called Peer Physical Examination: where students practice practical skills upon one another. Unlike traditional methods, the SimLevator offers a safer, more realistic, and ethically sound training experience. It provides a repeatable, anatomically accurate, and haptically realistic simulation of pelvic floor muscular movement, ensuring that learners can develop their skills in a controlled and supportive environment. The SimLevator features a contextual body piece housing replaceable battery packs, motors, and a microcontroller, allowing for versatile training experiences. Interchangeable module units can be inserted to simulate various scenarios, offering learners a comprehensive understanding of pelvic floor examinations. Silicone molded inserts provide visually and haptically realistic anatomical simulation, aiding in learning immersion and finite motor skills training. Moreover, the device offers complete control over the presentation of muscular tone throughout a contraction cycle, enabling learners to practice assessing both active and passive muscular strength.