Amina Afrah
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

Poor posture, over-extension, and stooping. These actions are happening throughout the average 40-70% of assembly time for ironworkers as well as many other activities they face in their work. This has caused a rise in injuries/disorders leading to an astounding 80.2% doctor diagnosed WMSD (Work related musculoskeletal disorders). Where 'Align' steps in, is addressing this stance and postural issues by providing an app that offers real-time stance analysis, feedback, and training linked to a wearable device, creating a non-intrusive, tech-driven solution. This application is designed to help mitigate the over extension/strain of the lower back while being trained in Steel fixing. Through a linked wearable device and with key features varying from encrypted chat rooms for Supervisors and their trainees, live haptic and notification alerts for unhealthy postures and a camera setting where the task at hand can be analysed to show the best mode of action for the workers health. This is a new way of creating healthy habits and tracking an individuals progress. In the future this service can branch from being centered around the prevention of lower back MSDs in Ironworkers, to not only other prevalent areas where MSDs manifest, but move across sectors to facilitate more education focused solutions to occupational health.