Lucy Horstmann
Product Design BSc
Waterside Fray
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

Teenage drownings are often met with demands for more signage and better safety measures. However, these solutions have not significantly reduced adolescent drownings over the years, indicating misplaced assumptions about the nature of the problem. A new solution is needed that is based on a better understanding of teenage behavioural psychology and sociological tendencies. Teenagers enter the water for the following reasons: the have fun, to spend time with friends, to cool off in summer months, and to get an adrenaline rush. Most of the time they are aware of the risks, and this is what makes it appealing at an exploratory stage of development. Waterside Fray is an intervention that provides a more appealing alternative than entering the water. It is a facility for a water fight, not prohibiting getting cold and wet with friends, but encouraging it to be on land. The facility is made up of 4 water guns that each draw water via a hose from a tank. This tank pumps water from a river or lake and filters it. The unfiltered water is visible next to the filtered water, to emphasise the difference in cleanliness. Any teenagers looking to cool off can see the dirtiness of the water they could swim in, next to the clean, fresh-looking water they could have a water fight with instead. Each gun is attached to a fixed stand with 10ft of retractable hose reel, and each uses a simple syringe system with check valves to pump the water from the tank to the nozzle. These are plumbed underground to the main tank, which contains a hand pump for the river or lake water, while a physical and chemical water filter separates this water from the newly cleaned water.