Louis Bertholet
Product Design Engineering BSc
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

Did you know that more than half of UK undergraduate students face challenges in maintaining a healthy diet? Despite personal, economic, and social obstacles, unhealthy eating habits among students can lead to decreased academic performance, weakened immunity, and deteriorating mental health (nih.gov, 2022). This is where CookAura steps in. With its innovative features including natural food ingredient scent diffusion, colored light diffusion, and a smartphone app tailored to the user’s preferences and available ingredients, CookAura revolutionizes the cooking experience by creating a motivating sphere for students to better visualize and motivate them to change their poor dietary habits and start cooking healthily. With CookAura, users can access a variety of recipes for daily or weekly cooking, whether on the go or in batches, saving time and effort. The device’s transparent silicone grip reflects inner emitting colors, creating an immersive environment of motivation and destressing vibes. Users can customize their scent cartridges from home, choosing from 7 out of 24 different scents to suit their preferences. Each session lasts 15 minutes, with the capacity to diffuse up to 7% per session, timed according to user preferences. Furthermore, all scents are hypoallergenic, and each cartridge lasts at least a week with daily use or three weeks with irregular usage. CookAura is not just a cooking tool; it’s a holistic solution to enhance motivation, relaxation, and determination in the kitchen.