Emmanuel Huliganga
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

64% of people won’t seek medical support after an ankle sprain. Dismissal of treatment can lead to further development of physiological issues throughout an individuals lifetime. Susceptibility is a larger issue than many of us are aware of - there is a 70% chance of developing chronic ankle instability post ankle injury. TALUS is built to be portable and intuitive to use for all ages. TALUS aims to streamline rehabilitation planning for practitioners helping users who have suffered from sprain incidents or suffering from issues of susceptibility. The TALUS pads seamlessly attach and detach to the ankle and compression sock magnetically. TALUS is designed to protect the ankle from turning all whilst compiling a comprehensive set of ankle-data. The corresponding app keeps track of all the data and is accessible through the dashboard. If a user is connected to a medical practitioner, the data can be forwarded to them to streamline rehabilitation planning.The TALUS and app also allows users to perform self-assessments, which can be sent to medical professionals, for efficient consultation and rehabilitation. A collaboration with Zeal-lifestyle.