Harry Chubb
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

As a student-athlete who has navigated the rigorous demands of balancing athletic and academic commitments over the past four years, I have experienced the highs and often-overwhelming lows of this dual pursuit. Motivated by these experiences, I developed Ripple, a product specifically tailored to prevent injuries, enhance athletic performance, and alleviate the mental strain that often leads to sports abandonment. Ripple's innovative design incorporates a passive massage system that delivers deep tissue therapy whilst adhered to the body. The device features a flexible outer base that conforms to various body types and muscle groups, ensuring optimal performance without active user involvement. This allows student-athletes to seamlessly integrate effective recovery into their busy schedules, whether they're in lectures, studying, or socializing. With its sleek design and ergonomic fit, Ripple can be discreetly worn underneath clothing, making it an ideal solution for student-athletes seeking unobtrusive recovery support. This design not only caters to the aesthetic and functional needs of active individuals but also ensures that Ripple can be a constant yet unnoticed companion in their daily lives, promoting continual physical recovery and readiness for athletic challenges.