Shaan Patel
Product Design BSc
Stepper Board
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Project Description

Climbing is a rapidly growing sport, with indoor climbing becoming increasingly accessible. This trend has led to a rise in finger training, with many climbers using a device known as a Hangboard as their primary training tool. Hangboards are large, clunky, and potentially dangerous training tools for climbers, particularly for novices, due to the significant variations in hold depths, which can make progression dangerous, difficult, and frustrating. Consequently, this form of training has resulted in numerous climbers experiencing finger injuries. Moreover, many climbers lack the means to mount Hangboards in their homes for convenient at-home training. This is where the stepper board comes in, with its completely adaptable design featuring interchangeable top holds for unique and personalised training, allowing climbers to focus on their weakest holds or prepare for specific projects. Additionally, the unique depth adjustment mechanism takes training to a new level by enabling climbers to progress through smaller and smaller depths with precise and minor incremental steps, making training safer and more manageable.