Kimon Ennes
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

The current clinical pathway for stroke survivors does not provide adequate levels of rehabilitation, with some survivors not receiving any level of support for upper limb rehabilitation in hospital or at home. Nura simplifies the process of providing functional electrical stimulation through an innovative multipad electrode arrangement that enables a one touch adjustment of what muscles are activated. By integrating with the collaborative partner CardioCrown’s NeuroVive VR software suite along with a companion tablet application, Nura is able to provide personalised and gamified rehabilitation exercises to reduce the monotony and repetitiveness of existing methods. Clinicians benefit from the tracking of consistency and quality of exercises done at home, whilst in a clinical environment, VR exercises provide an immersive and state of the art rehabilitation package. This helps to enhance the neuroplastic potential of survivors from both acute and chronic stages of their recovery journeys.