Georgia Garman
Product Design BSc
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

Lula aims to create a safe and effective tortoise hibernation solution to ease the mental burden currently faced by pet owners. Through stylistic design decisions, the product blends seamlessly into an owner’s living space by combining technology and furniture. In recent years the seemingly simple task of ‘just hibernating your tortoise’ has become increasingly complex and, in many cases, very unsafe. Year upon year, winters are becoming milder due to climate change, creating an increase in post hibernation complications using the traditional box and natural burrow methods. With 900,000 pet tortoises in the UK, owners are battling a yearly struggle of whether they should hibernate their pet, as it is often safer to not hibernate than to take the risk. Consequently, owners began the fridge method, which is time and resource intensive, with risks of freezing or suffocation. Traditional white fridges look incongruous within living spaces and require extra thermometers and humidity sensors to make them safe. Placing the fridge in a garage is not an option as the external temperature is not stable and puts the tortoise at risk. Lula overcomes these issues by combining cooling technology with furniture design. The refrigerated drawer regulates the internal temperature to 3-6 degrees Celsius and the integrated app will notify the owner if any factors leave optimum levels. A comprehensive user guide on ‘How to Hibernate’ your tortoise is included to combat the issue of vast quantities of conflicting information online. The elevated aesthetic transforms a practical appliance into a contemporary piece of furniture providing worry free hibernation for tortoise owners.