Honey Mia Martin
Product Design Engineering BSc
Comfort Creations
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

The aim of the project is to assist those between the ages of 60-70, who have osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel open bottles and jars, to help them with daily household activities. This product aims to support them so they can maintain their independence at home, while creating a more accessible and comfortable living environment. It also prioritises user experience by ensuring ease of use and ergonomic design that also compliments their home. The design is split into three elements. The main being the hand held product that is used to clamp the users lid so it can be freestanding. From this you are then able to use the wall doc witch has two set heights, and once set up the hand held device can slot into the cavity. This is then were you are able to secure the bottle or jar with two hands to twist and open with ease.